Schedule Highlights

Day 1 – Monday the 14th

The focus is on footwork at both ends of the floor. Offensive & defensive development includes vocal exercises. Throughout the session, ball handling and layups will be developed in progress to give players an arsenal.

Day 2 – Tuesday the 15th

The focus is on developing offensive power through close scoring and mid-range, with the addition of ball handling. Players will be learning triple threat stances and shooting mechanics in their classroom sessions.

Day 3 – Wednesday the 16th

The focus is on court spacing and offensive and defensive awareness. Now that the players understand a player’s mechanics, they must always stay true to the game by learning how to play with others. Day 3 is all about developing passing capability, vocalizing ball lingo and being a teammate.

Day 4 – Thursday the 17th

The focus is on the player. Day 4 is the day of stations. Each player will be put into a group of intensive training to understand that you must push through in any sport, especially basketball. Effort cannot be taught; however, the goal is to motivate the player to do their best by overcoming. Being mentally strong is an aspect that can take them further than their skill. The player will have great examples to learn from during basketball history in class.

Day 5 – Friday the 18th

The focus is on having fun. We invite all parents to attend and support their players as they will be going head-to-head in 3 on 3 matchup games. With all that is learned during the week, our coaches will match them up for a fair and competitive array of games. The teams will be matched based on what the coaches have observed of each player . During their classroom session, players will be faced with questionnaires concerning the week’s material. It will also be their turn to be vocal during the basketball analysis Q&A.


Players will be separated into two groups: Group A and Group B. Throughout the week, those in group A the previous day will now be in group B and vice versa, excluding day 5, which the coaches will ideally draft for competitive and fairness purposes. For each day, the last hour, 3 pm – 4 pm, players may all be in the gymnasium for an interactive game with the coaches. This will allow them to shine and receive a reward gift, e.g., “- 1v1 against coach Zach if you score you win an amazon gift card.”


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